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PostSubject: Welcome!   Thu Nov 24, 2011 10:33 am

A Little Bit About Us

Here at StackOnGames, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy free flash games in one central location. The only difference is, here, we have a living arcade. What the living arcade is, is that you have to post to get better games. The posts can be anywhere. To start out, you have to have at least one post to access the arcade in general, but as you post, the games you can play increases exponentially. The games don't stop coming until you stop posting.

If you post something at all, it can be deleted at any given point without prior knowledge. If you don't believe your post should be deleted, contact us at: stackongames@hotmail.com. We will handle your inquires with the utmost confidentiality, but please remember to put your screen name somewhere in the e-mail.
Again, Thanks for joining!

Sections of Importance

Announcements and News - This contains all vital information concerning the forum. Users are not able to make topics, but they are able to post on what they think of the announcements. You can also find the forum version thread.

Game Announcements - This section contains all information pertaining to video games on specific platforms. It contains games that are coming out in the upcoming week, and once a month, there will be a list of every single game that comes out for that month.

Guest Chat - Here, guests are able to communicate with the users about anything they feel is important.

Questions/Problems - Here you can post anything that you have problems with. If you do not want the post to be public, you can email us at: stackongames@hotmail.com

Arcade - This is the very foundation of StackOnGames. The more you post, the farther into the arcade you can go. You first start out in the Arcade. After 'x' amount of posts, you are able to play Tier 2, and the more posts you have the deeper into the arcade you can go. There will come a point that you will not have any new games, but that will be after several posts, and around 600-700 games.

Trash - Anything deemed too old or not relevant, it will be moved here and locked.

StackOnGames Store - Not Ready Yet Here, you will be able to spend your hard earned points. You can spend them on items like: Unique titles, special threads, custom made signatures, and new avatars. You receive points by posting, creating threads, recruiting members, and helping out the forum. There will also be places for StackOnGame users to buy and sell items, but it will have to be approved and have a Store Manager assigned.

Your Admins,
Stackman and Lemon
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